Once again this year, our “Tot and Me” through 12th Grade classes along with their parents, have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the “Journey through Triodion & Lent” in a unique way via the “Pascha Passport”. The Pascha Passport is intended to be used as a means of enrichment and education on your journey through Triodion (the three weeks before Lent), the Great & Holy Lent up to Pascha. Much like a real passport, it has many different spaces for stamps; however, the stamps that go in this passport are of beautiful icons that correspond to each destination in the Pascha Passport. These passport stamps are received at each of the various services of the Triodion, Lent, Holy Week, and “Special Destinations”. The beginning of the passport has a place for the pilgrim to write their personal information and to sign a declaration of their intent as they embark on their journey through Lent to the final destination of Great and Holy Pascha. The Pascha Passport includes succinct explanations of each destination intended to help pilgrims of all ages, traditions, and backgrounds better understand and participate in the beautiful and humbling journey to Pascha. Stop by the Sunday school office to receive your “Passport” and start your journey today! Good Strength to All!