Our goal at St. Thomas Orthodox Faith Sunday School is to

teach Orthodoxy and Share God’s Love

Divine Liturgy starts at 10:00 am for all families

and classes begin immediately after Holy Communion!

Classes for all ages – Tot & Me through 12th Grade.

Classes are set up according to grade levels in Public School.


Orthodox Faith Sunday School offers an opportunity for the youth of our church

(Pre-K to 12th grade) to learn about the Orthodox faith including readings

from the Old & New Testaments, significance of religious holidays

and feast days, and understanding the lives of the saints.

The purpose of church school, our Sunday School, here at St. Thomas is to instill, maintain,

reinforce, and expand the knowledge and practice of spiritual values, rich customs,

and cultural traditions of our orthodox faith into your children.

The goal of this ministry is to provide a balance between teaching the children about Jesus Christ, about our faith,

our Christian values, and traditions of orthodoxy…

in such a loving, enthusiastic, and creative way that your child

will “want” to attend the Divine Liturgy, each and every Sunday.


By expressing our love for Christ and His Church we live our faith.

Through prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving to Christ our God,

and by the grace of the Holy Spirit,

We instill knowledge, spiritual values and heritage to the children of Saint Thomas.

Our Sunday School Program is dedicated to spreading

the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

Sunday School Vision:

The Sunday School Program shall seek to fulfill its mission by:

  1. Embracing the Spiritual Life and Joy of our Orthodox faith through regular prayer, worship,

 and frequent participation in the sacraments.

  1. Supporting the Church through stewardship of time, talent and sacrificial giving.
  2. Providing our students with a welcoming, caring and loving educational environment.
  3. Having the Sunday School Staff and Students exemplify Orthodox Christian character and morals.
  4. Providing strategies for our children to rely on their faith and values,

when confronted with challenging circumstances and temptations,

as they travel through their teens into adulthood.

  1. Teaching our students why this vision is important–why it is important to embrace the Spiritual Life

by defining and teaching what is the Spiritual and Sacramental Life of the Orthodox Church;

what is stewardship and why it is important; and teaching Orthodox Christian characters and morals.

We can’t wait for in-person Sunday School classes starting in the fall

after the long and challenging virtual / online classes!

Our faithful team of volunteer catechists,

with the continuing guidance of Father Christoforos,

have been working hard to ensure the proper and safe start of classes and EVERYONE’S long-awaited return!

We will follow public health and state guidelines

 for a very safe school environment, as adopted for schools,

parents and students that will be in effect at that time,

 making sure that the safety of our children is and will always remain a priority.

Registration forms are available online at:


St. Thomas’ members in “Good Standing” have automatic enrollment in Sunday School. 

However, the registration form must be completed to ensure that

we have accurate contact data 

for your children and with your children in our Youth Ministry records and databases.

For further information, you can contact us @ SaintThomasSundaySchool@gmail.com