The music department of Saint Thomas includes a liturgical choir, a youth choir, and a byzantine choir. If you or your child would like to participate, please contact the choir director at the following e-mail:

Liturgical Choir: The St. Thomas Liturgical Choir sings during the Sunday Divine Liturgy and special Feast Days from late September through Pentecost. The choir is performing a program based on our Traditional Byzantine Music arranged to fit the style of Saint Thomas Greek Orthodox Church with spiritually uplifting music.  Byzantine hymns are sung in Greek. Rehearsals are scheduled weekly.

Youth Choir: For GOYA members and other Youth Ministries members, the youth choir assist the adult participants during the services and this way they learn the music while in church. This helps ease the entry into the choir by our youth and eliminates the scheduling demands for rehearsals held during the week. Also, the youth choir participates at the Sights and Sounds contest as Liturgical Choir.

Byzantine Choir: In addition to singing during religious services, choir members and other individuals have the chance to participate in the Psaltiri assisting the main Chanter and learning the Byzantine Music.