After you have volunteered at the AGORA, please join the Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia and the Hellenic Film Society USA to participate in the inaugural Greek Film Expo to be held in Philadelphia at the International House on University of Pennsylvania’s campus, October 11th to the 13th. We will be showing 5 five films, and one film, “Searching for Andreas”, has local Philadelphia connections. On Sunday the 13th, following the two screenings, we will have a Q&A session and a closing reception at the International House. For more information please go to: dire ctly to purchase tickets. We hope that you will join us to make this event a success, affording the opportunity to continue to promote Greek films in the Philadelphia area in the future.

Information provided by the organizers

Join us for a film festival featuring 5 excellent contemporary Greek films at Philadelphia’s famed International House!

About this Event

Tickets are available for each individual screening, or you can purchase an all-access festival pass for $55 that includes access to all 5 screenings, as well a Q&A with Greek film experts and a catered reception on Sunday.

Schedule of Events:

All tickets are non-refundable.

Fri, Oct 11 @ 7:30pm: PERFECT STRANGERS (Τέλειοι ξένοι, Teleioi Xenoi) dir. Thodoris Atheridis

This comedy started life as an Italian film. It has been remade in various countries. This is the Greek version.

Seven friends gather for dinner. To prove that they have no secrets from one another, they put their cell phones on the table and decide to share all incoming calls and messages. They discover that truth games can be dangerous. Stellar cast, strong production values. Great big commercial film.

Sat, Oct 12 @ 7pm: LOVESTRUCK (Από έρωτα, Apo Erota) dir. Thodoris Atheridis

Two days before his wedding, a fireman must contend with the ghost of a former girlfriend who is determined to stop his wedding from taking place. Nice genre comedy, updated with adult situations, good music, strong cast.

Sat, Oct 12 @ 9:15pm: HOLY BOOM (no Greek title) dir. Maria Lafi

As a prank, teenagers blow up a mailbox in an immigrant area of Athens. The vandalism seriously impacts the lives of four residents. Various story lines are brought together quite expertly, making for an engrossing, though sobering, film.

Sun, Oct 13 @ 2pm: SEARCHING FOR ANDREAS (no Greek Title)dir. Harris Mylonas

More than a biography of controversial political figure Andreas Papandreou, whose legacy is still felt in Greece 22 years after his death, this documentary offers a cautionary tale about reliance on charismatic leaders and the challenges that democracies face in our times.

Sun, Oct 13 @ 4pm: HER JOB (H δουλειά της, I Douleia Tis) dir. Nikos Labot

A barely literate housewife becomes her family’s sole breadwinner when she is hired as a cleaner at a shopping mall. Even though the job is menial and exposes her to cruel exploitation, she is able to discover a sense of self and empowerment she never expected.

This film, on Sunday, will be followed by a Q&A with Greek film experts, which will then be followed by a catered reception at the International House.

Note: Please bring your ticket to each show and check the HUC website (linked here) for the latest event information.

Note: There are no refunds.

Note: All films not in English will be shown with English subtitles.

For questions or issues, you can contact Andrea Tsapralis at:

  • 609-265-9667

OR call the HUC directly at:

  • 215-483-7440