Each year all the youth of our Parish are invited to participate in the annual St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. This is a National program that leads to scholarship opportunities and personal growth for our children for any future endeavor they may follow. Public Speaking is essential today and what better way than presenting and learning with our St. Thomas family who always encoura-ges and supports our children! The topics for our 7th – 12th grade are very contemporary. With questions or information (7th – 12th grades), please contact Mrs. Ninita Birbilis at ninita101 @aol.com or see her on Sundays after Sunday School classes. There is also a 3rd – 6th grade program (Elementary Division) that is only at the parish level, but is geared towards helping younger children learn more about their faith and begin to gain confidence speaking in front of an audience. The younger grades will speak on the topic of “My favorite icon of Jesus’ life or our Theotokos at St. Thomas” and will also present on the same day as the older students of our parish as well as provide any drawings they may want to present on this topic. With questions with Elementary Division, please contact Mrs. Georgeann Malo at Georgeann806@comcast.net.

The parish Oratorical Festival will be held on Friday, March 15th 2019 after the Service of the First Salutations to the Theotokos and we pray all 3rd – 12th grade students will participate. Please make a note of the date and encourage your child(ren) to participate. For any inquiries about the program please contact the Sunday school office t:saintthomassundayschool@gmail.com