Dear Parents and Youth of St. Thomas,

This year we have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something a little different than previous years for Youth Sunday yet very special.  Yes….. Youth Sunday is typically the Sunday before Thanksgiving, however this year the Advisors’ of our Youth groups, in conjunction with the Hellenic Afternoon school and the Hellenic Heritage Dance Group decided to change the date this year to accommodate a ‘run’ to help raise needed funds for ‘one of our own’.

Tony Tassogloy, a young man from our parish and an inspirational speaker, talented writer and graphic artist, has gone through much in his life, but Tony shows us that with his deep faith and love of God he has accomplished a great deal and through that he teaches US a great deal.

Attached is all the information regarding this special day where our Youth will be front and center, but we want all our families to support together with your children, grandchildren, godparents, aunts and uncles for this worthy cause and support Tony and show him all the love that St. Thomas has for him.

We hope that you ALL come out and join in the fun of the day as there are many activities for all ages planned in addition to run.  So sign up TODAY to ‘run, walk, stroll, hop or skip’!

For more information and to sign up see attached registration form!  See you all Sunday, October 22nd with your running shoes on!

With love in Christ,


Youth Ministries – HOPE/JOY/GOYA and Sunday School

Hellenic Afternoon School

Hellenic Heritage Dance Group


Before his accident in 1992, Tony was an extremely excelled wrestler, weightlifter and Jock who aspired of becoming a talented athlete when he got older. After his accident he realized that he was stronger mentally than he ever was physically. He was just never aware nor confident in his intelligence. On October 22, 1992 Tony fell being a kid jumping in leaves, which was no higher than 5-feet breaking his neck paralyzing him from the neck down. Not even being confined to a wheelchair stopped him from performing motivational speeches for children and adults of all ages about the realities of consequences for our actions. He fights every day to make a difference in his life and community by teaching us that “Nothing is impossible to achieve in this world, if you’re willing to fight for it!” He has gone through college, achieving a Master’s degree in software engineering. Tony designs programs and setups for the disabled to get their independence back. His love for art and poetry made him try to learn to create both with his mouth, and also a computer. His favorite passion in this world has always been performing speeches for children and adults of all ages telling us his tales of survival through his experiences and humor. This October 22 will be the 25th anniversary of his accident. Rather than look at it as a sad moment in his life, Tony has always chosen to look at that date as a Phoenix rising from the ashes as his “new beginning” to make a difference in our world with the gifts that God bestowed upon him. He chooses to believe that God left him with the inner strength, a powerful mind and vocational skills to inspire us all! So come out and meet him with no need of pity for him for the hardships that he’s been through, instead praise him for his accomplishments and decisions to make a difference and not give up on life because it is far too precious and beautiful to waste!

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