Dear Parishioners,
There is an urgent need for a bone marrow transplant for a fellow parishioner. Her name is Thomai Karavangelas, 50 years-old, who, a few months ago, received the devastating news of her diagnosis, Leukemia. The patient is at risk of life-threatening infections. The curative treatment would be bone marrow transplant, of which is the only option. Unfortunately, no compatible donors were found from the immediate family members. With the valuable care of doctors and the support of the family, we ask of your assistance in donating bone marrow.

Time is of the essence. Here is the direct link to Join and Register

The process is very simple. After you register you will receive a cheek swab kit at home and just follow the directions. You will also receive an ID profile which we ask you to send by email to:

If you match, the procedure will be by donating blood cells without a surgical spine incision. Therefore this is painless and easy. Please do it today.

Donors are preferred to be between the age limitations of 18 and 44. Research shows that cells from younger donors lead to more successful transplants. Those who are above the limitations will still be eligible as well as encouraged to donate. If you are between the ages of 45 and 60 and want to join the registry, you’re welcome to join online with a $100 tax-deductible payment to cover the cost to join.

We sincerely appreciate the support.

Fr. Christoforos Oikonomidis