Dear Parishioners,

        I am sending you the Liturgical Schedule of Holy Week in both Greek and English.

      All Holy Week Services will be online. You can log in on our website at and follow the link which will be there, or go on our Facebook page at: Saint Thomas Greek Orthodox Church or on our YouTube channel. 

     We are requesting donations for the Epitaphion flowers and the floral decoration of our Church during Holy Week. You can do this online on our website at, or by mailing a check to our Church.

     Please also remember your beloved Church by donating your gift instead of a candle. Our the needs continue to grow and we need your support. This can also be made online.

        I assure you of my prayers during these difficult times. Every time I celebrate the Sacred Services in an empty Church, I feel like I have all of you surrounding me in prayer. 

       Thank you and may we all have a blessed Holy Week and a happy Easter!

With love in Christ,

Fr. Christoforos Oikonomidis